So, what’s the idea of this blog?  Simple…  It’s to reflect on the stuff that I do.  If there are people out there that are interested, then cool.  I’ve found that writing some of your thoughts and ideas can be fun and on top of that it allows you some time to slow down and really think about what you’re trying to achieve.  As a Software Developer I tend to do a lot of research on new and old technologies, which is where this blog comes in.

As time goes by I hope to fill it up with all kinds of thoughts and ideas, which may or may not help someone out there with something they’re busy with.  If it does that will be awesome and I would really like to hear from you.

If  you’re asking what makes this blog any different from the thousands of others out there…  Well, then I’ll have to say nothing, but as previously mentioned, this is about me having some fun and maybe sharing some things with those interested.

My aim is to share some technology experience, some code to a very large degree and even some design thoughts in different development languages including C#, Java, Ruby, PHP and even some JavaScript.

Take for example into account that I’m currently playing with some alternative database technologies which could be used in various scenarios or “use cases” as those UML lovers out there call them.  I love picking the right tool for the right job, because what’s the point in forcing something not quite as suitable for implementing something as something else might be.

Anyway…  I hope you’re interested and would really like your feedback and responses if you are 🙂

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